Monday, December 13, 2010

Virginia Beach

First off: Sorry I haven't written in a long time.

Second: I went to Virginia Beach for a couple of days! It was awesome. I left home at about 8:00AM and got to Regent in time to go to chapel at 12:00PM. After chapel, I went on a campus tour and got to see all the beautiful buildings. Next, I went to hang out with my dear friend Abigail in the Commons! Then I went to another dear friend Tianna's house. Did I mention that it was COLD?!

On morning number two, I went to get myself some coffee and pick up some job applications (that was really good coffee!). The rest of the day consisted of filling out said applications and drinking coffee. At three, I went to meet my friend Juana at the Ordinary for eggnog lattes! Oh, yeah. I also managed to get lost on the way there, in the daylight, with a GPS. Anyhow, it was fun; Juana had another friend of mine with her when I got there! Did I mention that Regent is a very small world? After coffee, I went with Juana back to the Commons where we both did a little school while waiting to got to unChapel. UnChapel was AWESOME!!

Morning number three consisted of me going to get coffee, finishing my applications, dropping off my applications, and doing some school. After that, CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!! I helped put Christmas lights on Tianna's house; well, I didn't help very much. But it was fun...and cold!! After that, I went to watch Tianna in her play; it was brilliantly executed! After that, the three and a half hour drive home, on which I managed to get lost again. But I made it home in one piece at about 12:30AM!

Moral of the story? Regent University ROCKS!


  1. Hey girl! Glad we could meet in person! You are so lovely! :)

  2. Hey Noelle,
    Just wanted to know if your truffles went over well as Christmas gifts.