Friday, August 19, 2011

So Anyways...

I'm back in Virginia Beach! This semester is going to be crazy and exciting. I have to take 15 credit hours, so the break is over. I have to write my senior thesis and I have not settled on a topic yet. Here are some options:

1. Micro finance as the future of economic development
2. The current revolutions in the middle east
3. Anglo-Russian relations
4. The current global order (or disorder)
5. Democratic realism and the support of democratic revolutions
6. Social justice and debt forgiveness
7. International energy security

I have more, but the point is to narrow them. I seem to be thinking of more and more. I need help!

On a less academic note, I am really enjoying meeting new students as an orientation leader! We are having some great times and I am really looking forward to the rest of the school year--my senior year! Regent really is an awesome place.


  1. Hello Noelle. I am a senior this year as well. I would choose #5, Democratic realism and the support of democratic revolutions. I am a firm believer that through global Democracy human beings could finally worship God free from persecution, those suffering from famine and disease would have a chance at a better life, and less violence and senseless death would occur. I will pray for your success and in this endeavor.


  2. Noelle,
    I think you should go with No.1 regarding Microfinance. With banking the way it is microfinance is going to get more traction in the coming years. A good read would be the book "Banker to the poor" by Mohammed Yunus...Noble prize winner.
    All the best and hopefully you decide on No.1. Please post your choice on your blog.